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Jun in an.an & NEWS, KAT-TUN, K8 and Toma in Duet March

Scans of Jun from that an.an photoshoot ;)

Matsumoto Jun in an.an 2007.02.14

[MegaUpload] 200702 - an.an 0214 - jun.rar (link updated 2008.06.01)

Very luckily got my hands on the February 14th (♥) issue of an.an when it came out in Sydney's Kino today. It involved waking up early, calling the store the very minute it opened, loads of communication problems between me and the Japanese man from the Japanese counter but thankfully resulted in a slightly embarrassed fangirl lugging 3 copies out the door XDD Ahhhh~ fun times :D But yes, please enjoy these HQ scans and don't zoom too close! ;) ♥!


And NEWS, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8 and Toma from Duet March :)

NEWS in Duet 2007.03

[megaupload] 200703 - duet - NEWS.rar

I think this is the very first actual NEWS photoshoot I've ever scanned, when the members are together and not separate :D /random. And I couldn't ask for a better cover to scan than the pink goodness that is March Duet XDDD It's so pink it hurts~♥ As expected, they've got a huge spread in this issue and all the shots are really cute :3 Why does Tego make such a pretty girl?! ;)

KAT-TUN in Duet 2007.03

[sendspace] 200703 - duet - KAT-TUN.rar

YAYness for the ad ♥! The colours, clothes and layout of the group shot just remind me of a really similar shot they had when they were younger ;) And I don't really get the whole... random chair, carpet and lamp thingy but the boys look good :D I really like Koki's closeup shot though? It's nice :) And Junno's is pretty. And dammit, Kame is so effortlessly gorgeous in his close up~♥ The last 2 pages though... since when did Yuto get so tall?! *dies* They grow up so fast ;__;

Kanjani8 in Duet 2007.03


[megaupload] 200703 - duet - K8.rar

I was going to stop scanning after KAT-TUN because my hands were really tired (what :P) but K8 were just screaming to be scanned because their shoot is farrr too cute! I don't even know what to say besides cute, cute and more cute ;) I am especially fond of that giraffe XD Ryo is so overly happy you just can't help but think he's got something up :P Yasu's is adorable and Tacchon's is plain sweet~~♥ The final scan of Baru was all green like that, I didn't do anything to it :P

Ikuta Toma in Duet 2007.03

And a single scan of Toma. Just because ♥.


First time I've uploaded scans onto my own LJ gallery (why won't ImageFuse email me my activation email already?! DDD:) so do give me a poke if I've stuffed anything up.

As usual, comments are lots of love and if you use these scans, please credit boys_paper . That's all~ :)
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