July 21st, 2008

Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

TV Guide (Kanto Area) - Yasuko to Kenji

Hey everyone!
Scans from TV Guide Kanto Area for the week of July 12th - 18th. I said Wink Up was next but this was an easy quick scan. I went to New York yesterday and went on a little shopping at Kinokuniya XD This was one of my purchases. I can't resist Yasuko to Kenji stuff. I was almost this close to buy The Television too with them on the cover ._./ But spending 30 dollars on Ryuusei no Kizuna kinda prohibits magazine splurges.

Please credit me if using.

Scans are, average, 1700x2300px at around 3megs each.

Yasuko to Kenji - 4
Total: 4

Up next: Wink Up, Potato, and Duet Aug 2008
Have a request for me? Make it here. I will not be here this weekend, so requests will be fullfilled next week. Wink Up scans will not be up until next week.

six times put your hands up

.... Apparently people don't understand the term don't hotlink. *FACEPALM* Please don't hotlink. If you see people hotlinking my scans please tell me so I can raid their house on my epic e-motorcycle like a yankee. I don't care if you share them and post them somewhere else, just on your OWN server.
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Scans from Singapore's I & U weekly

I was wondering if i should share since i've scan them up...


dorama: 33 minute detective
dorama: code blue
dorama: gakko ja oshiera renai!
dorama: koizora
dorama: lotto otoko
dorama: maou
dorama: shibatora
dorama: taiyou to umi no kyoshitsu
dorama: tomorrow
dorama: yasuko to kenji
movie: hydf
And Oguri Shun.


Mods, the scans are about the shows and movie, except for the Oguri Shun one, so i decided to tag Oguri Shun only, even though there's SOME pictures of the characters.