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hey guys, as many of you know there is a limit to how many tags a journal can have. this of course poses a problem for boys_paper since there are so many boys to scan. therefore PLEASE keep this in mind when making tags.

o1. the biggest thing i see is redundancy and overlap. for example, if i made a post of tackey and tsubasa; there is NO NEED for a takki, tsubasa, and THEN a tackey&tsubasa tag! same thing goes for KAT-TUN there is no need to name all the members in KAT-TUN for just one post. this also applies to D-Boys, Hey!Say!JUMP and other groups large groups. If it's a scan of a few D-Boys then having a separate tag is fine. But if it's more than a few D-Boys together in one post then just put it as a D-Boys tag.

o2. if there is a missing tag. PLEASE FEEL FREE to let us know here! i don't know every hot guy out there, therefore i will not be able to add tags of people i don't know. help us out and let us know if you're scanning someone that doesn't have a tag.

o3. i do go back to posts and condense tags but currently out of the 4 mods in this community i am the only one active. so PLEASE do me a favor and condense your tags! CONVERSATION IS KEY not just for the environment. i will work on making a BETTER system for the tags as soon as i finish with my real life issues. BUT for the moment please try to be careful with the tags.

o4. i would like to THANK ALL THE MEMBERS especially all the ones who are generous enough to share with this community. i really do appreciate everyone's work and i'm not trying to single anyone out. this is just a general trend that i see quite often. please continue to share great scans with the community.
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