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TV Guide (Kanto Area) - Yasuko to Kenji

Hey everyone!
Scans from TV Guide Kanto Area for the week of July 12th - 18th. I said Wink Up was next but this was an easy quick scan. I went to New York yesterday and went on a little shopping at Kinokuniya XD This was one of my purchases. I can't resist Yasuko to Kenji stuff. I was almost this close to buy The Television too with them on the cover ._./ But spending 30 dollars on Ryuusei no Kizuna kinda prohibits magazine splurges.

Please credit me if using.

Scans are, average, 1700x2300px at around 3megs each.

Yasuko to Kenji - 4
Total: 4

Up next: Wink Up, Potato, and Duet Aug 2008
Have a request for me? Make it here. I will not be here this weekend, so requests will be fullfilled next week. Wink Up scans will not be up until next week.

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I went on a scanning spree a few days ago. I scanned the CD booklets for some of SE7EN's Japanese singles and also his Korean albums. Previews and download links behind the cut.

▪ Scanned: SE7EN - Japanese Booklets
▪ Number of scans: 8
▪ Scanned: SE7EN - Just Listen
▪ Number of scans: 9
▪ Scanned: SE7EN - Must Listen
▪ Number of scans: 8
▪ Scanned: SE7EN - 24/7
▪ Number of scans: 15
▪ Scanned: SE7EN - Se7olution
▪ Number of scans: 10
▪ Resolution: 600 dpi
▪ Credit: 0387 or boys_paper
▪ Comments are love

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